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the average researcher has made looking for family information easy and with their recently aired TV programming it makes it fun as well. But when you've done the work on you have a huge tree, maybe 4,000 people and a if you've spent time printing off the documents you found, maybe over 3,500 documents for those 4,000 people and you now have a mess on your desk.

When your membership at expires, the information you have gathered goes away. There are a handful of programs out there that will import the file of information you've collected if you've exported your file from I have yet to find one that meets the basic needs of the average user, much less the professional genealogist. This site intends to fix that. As a totally web based program there is no waiting for program upgrades. With forums and feedback, if you want a particular report it's possible and you don't have to wait for the program upgrade to get it.

Citations, documenting your sources? Isn't it all on Ancestry? Yes as a Genealogist you do need documentation on the sources for all the information that you have located. Yes, the information is on Ancestry but not any of the additional information you may have collected. The process of bringing it all together is beyond time consuming but overwhelming. This site intends to help with that process by providing a database to manage your source citations.

Bringing it all together in the form on a heirloom style album helping to preserve documents, original and copied, but organize them. Also adding the digital copies as backup. The printed copies of pedigree charts, individual worksheets, family worksheets. All of these helping you build your own repository. Everything collected is your home repository of information. For those youngsterˆs an heirloom version of the documents via PDF on iPad.

Bringing together as well a system for taking notes, listing to-do’s keeping track of what else you need to look for. A system that is accessible via web, iPad and iPhone. The Ultimate Researching Log.