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for researchers

There are thousands of resources on the internet but no way to catalog or rank them. This site intends to build a method for researchers do that. In addition providing a stream lined method to produce professional output for their clients.

This site also intends to bring together and streamline the Board Certification Process.

Provide a profile page to members to list their certifications, areas of interest and resources they are available to research. With this we can provide a matching service. If you wanted research done in Virginia but lived in California you could post a request for research and researchers in Virginia could pick up a request. The Genealogy Project as a middleman managing the internet payment and providing resources for the researcher to return consistent professional results with online templates and forms. This site could also then provide a track record, number of projects completed per researcher ....

Building your own online billing system is tedious, overwhelming and not cost effective for the average person willing to do research. Going though a central system would give you access to those clients who would otherwise not find you.

Board Certification is a long process with every detail under scrutiny. Providing consistent professional output and examples from existing client through The Genealogy Project makes the less than 3lbs of information requested a breeze to produce. Just print.